Introducing our debut album EUROPA

Song list

  1. Architektur Muss Brennen
  2. Carrousel
  3. Les Larmes D'Acier
  4. Polka Lorca
  5. Hourglass
  6. Triple Entente
  7. The Great Retreat
  8. Parole in Libertà
  9. Weltschmerz Kabarett
  10. Młoda Polska


  • Sebastian Janusz — Grand Piano, Lead vocal
  • Bernt Nellen — Drums
  • Yrjänä Rankka — Contrabass, Background vocal

Special Guests In Order of Appearance

  • Mark Nieuwenhuis — Flugelhorn on Carroussel, Trumpet on Hourglass
  • Friedmar Hitzer — Violin on Polca Lorca, Parole in Libertà and Weltschmerz Kabarett
  • All music and lyrics by Sebastian Janusz, arranged and performed by NOMIII.
    © 2015 All Rights Reserved.
  • Recorded at Key Element Studios, 1.-2. May 2015
  • Recording engineer: Ralph Verdult
  • Additional recordings: Flugelhorn and Trumpet recorded by Mark Nieuwenhuis; Violin, Ukulele, Accordeon recorded by Yrjänä Rankka
  • Mixed by Mark Nieuwenhuis
  • Cover photo: A post card sent 1910 to relatives in Michigan, U.S.A. from what used to be the Grand Duchy of Finland in the Russian Empire,
    courtesy of Rankka/Krank family archives.

Man with A Camera. EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam 2014

E*Cinema is new exciting programme of Amsterdam EYE Film Institute Netherlands in Amsterdam. It is a crossover between film and other art forms. It challenges to look beyond the boundaries of genres, of the observation or of the medium itself. It explores new film horizons by experimenting with different forms of presentation. Experimental films are accompanied by live music, a dance performance, a theatrical monologue or a masterclass on filmmaker's work.
NOMIII participated on one of the evenings organised with participation of Utrecht University creating live soundtrack for Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera.

Darwin with Lines. Stedelijk Museum BA Amsterdam 2014

As part of James Beckett's contribution to the Scenographies project, he, together with former employees of SKOR | Foundation for Art in Public Space, hosted a live interpretation of a work by Art and Language. The piece involved the recreation of a project dating back to 1994. This action was accompanied by a Red Krayola soundtrack provided by NOMIII.

Cinema Studio K Amsterdam 2014

Play it again, Jan!

With Psí Vojáci in Badhuis Theatre Amsterdam 2013

NOMIII supported a great legend of Czech undergound, Jan Topol's Psí Vojáci. As a symbol of anti-communist resistence as long as since 1979, they performed often as an opening act before the Plastic People of the Universe in Vaclav Havel's Hrádeček. Unfortunately, shortly after the concert, Jan Topol passed away in Prague making Badhuis Theatre his last performance.

The Last Tango in Vondelbunker Amsterdam 2013

Ever since one of our most beloved concerts took place during Damoclash Festival on 29 September 2012 on Valreep, we instantly fell in love with Schijnheilig - an independent collective that turns unused spaces into creative meeting places. One of them is Vondelbunker - a shelter for independent culture and non-established art. Definitely one of the most precious gems in the centre of Amsterdam.

NOMIII play Einstürzende Neubauten with N.U. Unruh. OT301 Amsterdam

On Friday, the 5th of April 2013 Amsterdam hosted the annual Einstürzende Neubauten Party. Spaces of the former squatter's building OT301 were taken by Neubauten music of all decades, unseen films and exhibitions. During the event young trio of musicians from NOMIII presented their interpretations of Einstürzende Neubauten. N.U. Unruh, percussionist and co-founder of Neubauten was the master of ceremony and later joined them on stage.

setlist: 01 Haus Der Lüge 02 Seele Brennt 03 Letztes Biest am Himmel 04 The Garden 05 Alles Was Irgendwie Nützt 06 NNNAAAMMM 07 Die Wellen 08 Selbstportraet mit Kater.

Environment #01. Muiderpoort Theatre Amsterdam 2013

A spatial installation with live movement and music. Concept by Stephanie Lama and Sebastian Janusz.

  • Tom Goldhand (movement)
  • Sebastian Janusz (piano)
  • Stephanie Lama (movement)
  • Jan Lemmens (percussion)
  • Yrjänä Rankka (contrabass)
  • Katia Verrault (movement)

Environment #02. Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam 2013

Spatial installation with live movement and music. Concept by Stephanie Lama and Sebastian Janusz.

  • Alexis Blake (movement)
  • Sebastian Janusz (piano)
  • Stephanie Lama (movement)
  • Jan Lemmens (percussion)
  • Yrjänä Rankka (contrabass)
  • Rafael Zielinski (movement)

Deconstruction of an Ensemble. Amsterdam Academy of Architecture 2012

'Deconstruction of an Ensemble' is a site-specific event where public can explore the different location in the city of Amsterdam through relation between music, movement and architecture. Three musicians and three dancers perform a single composition / choreography each within separate spaces of the location. Through the deconstruction of the ensemble various spaces and acoustics are explored by the public and by the performers simultaneously. The space in the location is therefore introduced not only as a shelter to house the performance but also an intelligent instrument in itself.
This project aims to challenge the public to discover unexpected places in the building through interventions that could reveal the afterlife of abandoned or static architectural spots, redefining new stages for creative expression in an interdisciplinary level.