• Sebastian Janusz

    After being classically trained as a pianist and composer in Poland and Russia from the age of five, he began his architectural education in Germany and completed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently he combines composing and performing his music with practicing and teaching architecture. Both his musical and architectural projects have been presented on various occasions in Van Gogh Museum, EYE Filmmuseum, Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and ArcAm Architecture Centre, among others.

  • Yrjänä Rankka

    Yrjänä started classical training on violin at the age of six, and on piano when seven. Later he studied pop and jazz on bass guitar and contrabass, which became his main instrument both as an acoustic instrument, and as a source for heavily electronics-laden sonic experimentation. He has plenty of sound engineering experience, and loves tinkering with electronics and audio synthesis and composition systems like Supercollider and PureData. His 20+ years of work experience developing software close to the iron is another story…

  • Bernt Nellen

    A drummer, an artist, an entertainer. Endlessly in search of perfection and elegance. An Amsterdam Conservatorium alumnus, he has an impressive range of genres, working in jazz, pop, Brazilian, improvised music, dance and theatre. He gives rhythmic training for dancers in the Amsterdam Theatre School, and drum lessons in Het Muziekpakhuis, helping the next generation of drummers and percussionists emerge. The wild beating heart of NOMIII.


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